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20 Beautiful Muslim Girl Names Related to Allah

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As a parent, choosing the perfect name for your little girl is a moment filled with joy and significance. In Islamic culture, names carry deep meanings, often reflecting qualities like beauty, strength, and a connection to faith. 

For Muslim parents seeking a name that directly relates to Allah, the journey is not just about picking a cute or trendy name; it’s about choosing a meaningful name that resonates with Islamic traditions and values.

In this listicle, we explore some beautiful Muslim girl names that are related to Allah, some directly and some less directly, offering a blend of traditional charm and modern appeal.

Although Islamic names can originate from different languages, the female names on our list below are primarily of arabic origin.

We have put together a short list of islamic baby girl names with beautiful meaning that is closely related to Allah. Some of the names are unisex so could also be used for a baby boy. 

muslim girl names related to allah

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    1. Amatullah

    Meaning: Female servant of Allah

    Amatullah stands out as a unique and powerful name. It directly translates to “female servant of Allah,” embodying a deep spiritual connection.

    This name is a beautiful reminder of devotion and service to God, making it a perfect choice for families seeking a name with strong Islamic roots.

    This beautiful and devoted Islamic name is the female form of the very popular muslim name for boys Abdullah. Amatullah is lesser seen but just as beautiful in meaning.

    This is an indirect quranic name that that symbolizes devotion and a strong spiritual connection with God.

    2. Hibatullah

    Meaning: Gift from Allah

    Hibatullah is a name that translates to “gift from Allah.” It’s a beautiful and meaningful choice, symbolizing that the child is a precious gift and blessing from God.

    Similar to Hibatullah, the name Ataullah for a boy, translates to “Gift of Allah.” This name is a beautiful expression of the concept that every child is a precious gift from the Almighty, a blessing to be cherished and nurtured.

    It’s a name full of gratitude and joy, reminding the parents and the child of the special bond they share with Allah. Choosing Ataullah is a way of acknowledging and celebrating the child as a wonderful blessing and a manifestation of Allah’s generous giving.

    3. Rahmatullah

    Meaning: Mercy of Allah

    This name means “mercy of Allah,” reflecting the compassionate and merciful nature of God. Rahmatullah is a reminder of Allah’s endless mercy and kindness.

    4. Rahmah

    Meaning: Mercy, compassion from Allah

    ​As a shorter version of Rahmatullah you can go with just Rahma, or Rahmah

    Rahmah, a name that resonates with Allah’s compassion and mercy, is a popular choice among Muslim parents. This name reflects the kindness and love that Allah extends to His creations, making it a beautiful and meaningful choice for a little girl.

    5. Nimatullah

    Meaning: Blessing of Allah

    Nimatullah translates to “blessing of Allah.” This name is a beautiful expression of gratitude, acknowledging the child as a blessing and grace from God.

    6. Habibatullah

    Meaning: Beloved of Allah

    Habibatullah is a name that resonates with deep affection and love, signifying “Beloved of Allah.” This beautiful name embodies the special bond between the divine and the individual, symbolizing a cherished and valued existence under the grace of God.

    In Islamic culture, where names are chosen not just for their beauty but also for their profound meanings, Habibatullah stands out as a reminder of the endless love and mercy bestowed by Allah. It’s a perfect choice for parents who wish to instill in their daughter the significance of being loved and protected by the Almighty.

    This name, rich in spiritual meaning, is not only a label but a blessing, a prayer for the child to always feel the encompassing love and care of Allah throughout her life.

    7. Hidayah

    Meaning: Guidance on the right path from Allah

    Derived from the Arabic word for guidance, Hidayah is a name that signifies being led on the right path by Allah. It’s a perfect name for families who value spiritual guidance and the journey towards righteousness in Islamic culture.

    You can also use the longer form of the name Hidayatullah meaning guidance of Allah.

    8. Barakah

    Meaning: Blessing, prosperity from Allah

    Barakah is a name that is synonymous with blessings and prosperity. It signifies a life filled with good fortune and happiness, bestowed by Allah. This name carries a sense of grace and positivity, making it a lovely choice for your newborn baby girl.

    You can also use the longer form of the name Barakatullah meaning blessing of Allah or Blessing of God.

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    9. Nur

    Meaning: Light, illuminated by Allah

    A classic yet modern name, Nur means ‘light’ in Arabic. It symbolizes enlightenment and guidance from Allah, shining a path of wisdom and clarity.

    This name, with its beautiful and simple pronunciation, is a great option for parents seeking a name with a powerful but gentle meaning.

    ​Similar to Nur, Noor or Nora is another variation of the name meaning ‘light’. It symbolizes divine guidance and enlightenment, a path lit by the wisdom and grace of Allah.

    The longer form of the name Nurullah is more commonly used for a boy but can be used as a unisex name. 

    10. Nurullah

    Meaning: Light of Allah

    Nurullah, translating to “Light of Allah,” is a name that symbolizes divine guidance and enlightenment. It represents the illuminating presence of Allah in one’s life, guiding them through the journey of existence with wisdom and clarity.

    This name is a beacon of hope and guidance, perfect for parents who wish to imbue their daughter’s life with the light of faith and spirituality. Nurullah is not just a name; it is a prayer for the child to be a source of light and inspiration to others, embodying the radiance and guidance that comes from Allah.

    11. Aafiyah

    Meaning: Health, freedom from illness and grief, granted by Allah

    Aafiyah is a unique name that signifies good health and well-being, a precious gift from Allah. It’s a name that embodies the prayer of every parent for their child to lead a life full of health and happiness.

    12. Tayyibah

    Meaning: Good, pure, a state blessed by Allah

    ​The name Tayyibah resonates with the qualities of goodness and purity. In Arabic, it signifies a state of being that is wholesome, clean, and untainted, reflecting a life that is blessed and favored by Allah.

    Tayyibah is not just a name; it’s an aspiration for a life led with virtue and moral integrity. It’s an ideal choice for parents who value the principles of righteousness and purity in Islamic teachings and wish to bestow these noble qualities upon their daughter.

    13. Mubarakah

    Meaning: Blessed, a gift from Allah

    Mubarakah is a name that emanates good fortune and blessings. In the Arabic language, it signifies something that is a gift from Allah, symbolizing good omen and prosperity. This name is not just beautiful in its sound but also carries a positive and powerful meaning.

    This name is from the same root as the name Barakah which we mentioned earlier.

    14. Salama

    Meaning: Safety, security from Allah

    Salama is a name that resonates with the feeling of safety and protection, a blessing from Allah. It signifies a life enveloped in peace and security, making it an ideal choice for parents who wish for their daughter’s well-being and protection under the grace of Allah.

    15. Firdaus

    Meaning: Paradise, a blissful place granted by Allah

    Firdaus, which means paradise in Arabic, is a name that embodies the ultimate blessing and beauty of heaven.

    It’s a name full of hope and aspiration, representing the beauty and bliss that parents wish for their daughter in this life and hereafter.

    16. Najah

    Meaning: Success, prosperity given by Allah

    Najah is a name that signifies success and achievement, a prosperous life guided and blessed by Allah. It’s a name that inspires ambition and the pursuit of excellence, making it a powerful and aspirational choice for a little girl.

    17. Jannah or Jannat

    Meaning: Garden, paradise bestowed by Allah

    Jannah, the Arabic word for garden or paradise, is a name that evokes images of beauty, serenity, and eternal bliss.

    It’s a name that symbolizes the ultimate gift from Allah, a life of spiritual and physical abundance.

    This name is similar in meaning to the name Firdous which we mentioned earlier.

    18. Ibtihaj

    Meaning: Joy, happiness granted by Allah

    Ibtihaj is a name that radiates joy and happiness, a cheerful life blessed by Allah. It’s a perfect choice for parents who wish their daughter to always find reasons to smile and be happy in life.

    19. Basira

    Meaning: Insight, wisdom given by Allah

    Basira is a name that signifies insight and wisdom, an enlightened mind granted by Allah. It’s a name that suggests intelligence and discernment, ideal for a girl who will grow up to make wise and thoughtful decisions.

    20. Khalisa

    Meaning: Pure, sincere, a heart blessed by Allah

    Khalisa is a name that embodies purity and sincerity, a heart that is unblemished and true. It represents a life lived with honesty and integrity, blessed and guided by Allah.

    20 Muslim girl names related to Allah - Amatullah and more

    Choosing a name for your little princess is a beautiful journey filled with love, hope, and faith. Each of these names not only offers a unique identity but also carries a profound meaning that reflects the values and beliefs of Islamic culture.

    As parents, selecting a name like these ensures that your daughter is always reminded of her roots, her faith, and the blessings of Allah in her life.

    Each of these names not only has a beautiful sound but also carries a deep and significant meaning, reflecting a connection to Allah. They serve as a constant reminder of faith, spirituality, and the grace of God in your daughter’s life.

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    These names are not just identifiers but are imbued with beautiful meanings and historical depths. For instance, names inspired by the Holy Quran often have indirect Quranic origins, offering a spiritual connection that many Muslim parents cherish.

    Choosing the right name, especially a beautiful Islamic name, is a task that many families approach with great care and consideration.

    Names like “Zainab,” inspired by the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad, or “Maryam,” the Arabic name for Mary, reflect the deep roots of Islamic culture and history.

    These names, rich in cultural significance, connect the child to their heritage and the teachings of Islam.

    For Muslim parents in the United States or those who speak the Urdu language, finding a name that is both meaningful in Islamic culture and resonates in their community is essential. The trend of modern Muslim baby girl names is inclining towards unique and rare names that maintain their Arabic roots while being adaptable to different languages and cultures.

    The beauty of Islamic names lies in their versatility. Names like “Amina,” meaning trustworthy, and “Fatima,” a name revered for its connection to the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, are popular choices that have stood the test of time.

    These classic names, alongside modern variations, form an extensive list of beautiful Muslim girl names, giving parents a wide array of options.

    For those seeking a name with a natural element, “Yasmin,” the Arabic name for jasmine flower, or “Tamara,” meaning palm tree, offer a connection to the beauty of nature, reflecting the purity and innocence of a newborn baby. These names are not just melodious but also have beautiful meanings that reflect the wonders of Allah’s creation.

    In the search for the perfect name, parents also consider the cultural identity and future of their child. A name like “Noor,” meaning light, or “Laila,” symbolizing the beauty of the night, offers both a strong cultural identity and a universal appeal.

    Selecting a name is a journey filled with love, hope, and prayer. Whether it’s a traditional name imbued with historical significance, a modern adaptation that resonates across cultures, or a unique name that stands out, each choice reflects the wishes, values, and aspirations parents have for their child.

    In this extensive list of Muslim girl names, each name is a testament to the rich tapestry of Muslim culture and the diverse expressions of faith and beauty in the Islamic world.

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    More Meaningful Muslim Baby Names

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