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101 Beautiful Persian Baby Girl Names for Muslim Babies

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There are so many enchanting and beautiful Persian baby girl names! If you’ve recently been handed the magical stick (pregnancy test) and found out a little girl is on the way, congratulations! 

For new parents immersed in the joy and challenge of naming your soon-to-arrive daughter, you’re in the right place. Persian baby names have a rich history, often with connections to Persian heritage and Muslim culture, making them perfect for Muslim babies.

For new parents, finding out a little girl is on the way is undeniably delightful, marking the onset of a unique adventure. With the thrill of this new beginning, there comes a deep inner need to provide your precious one with not just love and care but also an identity—a beautiful first name. A name isn’t merely a tag; it’s a lifelong gift, often reflecting the image of her mother’s dreams and the father’s hopes.

If you are on the quest for beautiful, feminine names with a harmonious blend of Iranian culture and Muslim significance, then Persian names are indeed a treasure trove. Whether you are searching for popular Persian girl names, timeless Iranian girl names, or even unique unisex names that are splendid for a baby girl, our list accommodates various naming tastes and preferences. From names reminiscent of a pomegranate flower’s exquisite beauty to names reflecting the strength and brilliance of a precious stone, these monikers are not only phonetically pleasing but are also packed with profound meanings and charming backstories.

About Persian Names for Muslim Babies

Persian names possess a beautiful past deeply intertwined with the majestic Persian Empire and its ancient times. With roots tracing back to old Persian origin, these names carry the exquisite touch of Persian language and culture. Many Persian names are not only of Persian roots but also have Arabic origin, making them suitable and meaningful for Muslim families. These names often bear great significance and embody personality traits and virtues valued in Islam, forming an ideal connection between a beautiful name and a Muslim baby.

The List of Persian Baby Girl Names


Afsaneh: This name means ‘fable’ or ‘fairytale’, making it a perfect moniker for a little girl with a captivating and magical presence.

Afsoon: Meaning ‘charm’ or ‘spell’, Afsoon is a name for a girl who will undoubtedly bewitch and enchant everyone with her charisma and appeal.

Aida: Meaning ‘returning or visitor’, Aida is a beautiful name often given to girls born after their grandmothers.

Anahita: Named after the Persian goddess of water and fertility, Anahita is a strong and classic name for a baby girl.

Arezoo: Meaning ‘desire’ or ‘wish’, Arezoo is a poetic name that carries the hopes and dreams of the parents for their beloved daughter.

Aria: Aria, meaning ‘noble’, is a popular name that is both simple and strong, making it a lovely choice for any little girl.

Ashraf: Meaning ‘most honorable one’, Ashraf is a distinguished name for a girl who is bound to stand out with grace and dignity.

Atousa: A historical name with royal connections, Atousa was the wife of Persian King Darius, and the name implies ‘wise’ and ‘intelligent’.

Ava: This timeless name means ‘voice’ or ‘sound’, and it’s a popular name for girls in many cultures.

Azar: Meaning ‘fire’, Azar is a bright and energetic name that is ideal for a girl with a sparky personality.


Bahar: Signifying ‘spring’, Bahar is synonymous with renewal and beauty, ideal for a baby girl born in this season of bloom and freshness.

Banafsheh: Meaning ‘violet flower’, Banafsheh is a floral name full of grace and delicacy, ideal for a sweet and gentle baby girl.

Behnoush: This means ‘good and nice’, making it an excellent name for a little girl who brings joy and pleasure to the lives of others.

Behnaz: A traditional Persian name, Behnaz means ‘best coquetry’ and is associated with charm and elegance.


Camelia: This is the name of a beautiful flower and is popular among families who appreciate nature and beauty.


Darya: Meaning ‘sea’, Darya is a popular name for families who have a deep connection with water or the ocean.

Delara: Meaning ‘adorable’, Delara is a name that perfectly captures the irresistible and lovely nature of your little one.

Dilshad: Meaning ‘happy heart’, Dilshad reflects a joyful spirit and a positive outlook. It’s a popular Persian girl name that exudes happiness and warmth, ideal for a baby girl who brings immense joy to her Persian parents.

Donya: Meaning ‘world’, Donya is a common name for girls in Iran, symbolizing the significance and impact your child will have on your world.


Elnaz: This beautiful name means ‘pride of the tribe’ and is often given to girls who are expected to accomplish great things in life. Elnaz is a name with strong roots and a sense of community and belonging, making it a powerful choice for your daughter.

Esther: With a Hebrew name origin, Esther is a form of the Persian name Sitareh, meaning ‘star’. It’s a beloved and popular name in Western culture and among Persian Jews, with the lucky number seven often associated with it.


Farangis: This name is rich with Iranian origins, and it’s associated with a mythical bird that is known for its beauty and majesty. Farangis was also the name of an Iranian princess who was celebrated for her striking beauty and wisdom.

Fereshteh: Meaning ‘angel’, Fereshteh is a divine and celestial name for a little girl who is as precious and pure as an angel.

Farida: Unique and uncommon, Farida means ‘gem’ or ‘precious pearl’.

Farnaz: Meaning ‘splendid coquetry’, Farnaz is another traditional name that Persian families adore.

Farzaneh: With a meaning tied to ‘wise’, Farzaneh is a name that reflects intelligence and depth, suited for a baby girl with a wise soul and curious mind.

Fatemeh: With a meaning related to ‘captivating’, Fatemeh is a name for a girl who will enchant and fascinate everyone she meets.

Forozan: Meaning ‘shining’ or ‘radiant’, Forozan is another beautiful Persian name that lights up the room with its luminosity and grandeur, ideal for a baby girl destined to shine brightly in life.

Forouzan: Meaning ‘shining’ or ‘bright’, Forouzan is a name that reflects light and brilliance, suitable for a baby girl who will light up your life.


Ghazal: Referring to ‘love poem’, Ghazal is a name that is as poetic and romantic as it sounds, perfect for a daughter who will grow up appreciating the beauty of words and emotions.

Giti: Signifying ‘world’, Giti is a splendid name for a girl who will undoubtedly mean the world to her loving parents.

Golnar: This lovely name means ‘flower of the pomegranate tree’, and it’s associated with beauty and resilience.

Golnaz: This name, meaning ‘cute like a flower’, perfectly encapsulates the delicate and captivating beauty of a blooming flower.

Gulzar: A name that embodies the image of a wild rose garden, Gulzar is a splendid and unique Persian name for a baby girl. With its roots in Persian culture, this name symbolizes a beautiful woman who is both strong and delicate, like the wild roses that inspire her name.


Hanieh: With a meaning related to ‘happy’, Hanieh is a name that radiates joy and positivity.

Haniya: Meaning ‘happy’ or ‘delighted’, Haniya is a wonderful name for a girl who brings joy to everyone around her.

Hengameh: Meaning ‘spectacular act’, Hengameh is a dramatic and powerful name for a girl who is destined to leave a mark with her presence and actions.

Homa: Inspired by the mythical bird of Iranian legends, Homa is a name for a girl destined to soar high and live freely.


Iran: Named after the country itself, Iran is a patriotic name for a girl who will carry the heritage and pride of the nation.


Jaleh: Meaning ‘dew’, Jaleh is a delicate and refreshing name that embodies the serene and gentle qualities of morning dew.

Jasmin: A variant spelling of Yasmin, Jasmin is among the top Persian names in the United States. Derived from the Persian word for the Jasmine flower, this name has found acceptance and popularity across different cultures, embodying a sweet and alluring fragrance.

Javaneh: Meaning ‘young’, Javaneh symbolizes youth and vibrancy, making it perfect for your young and spirited daughter.


Katayun: Derived from a character in Persian mythology, Katayun is a name for a girl who will embody grace, beauty, and strength.

Khandan: With a meaning tied to ‘smiling’, Khandan is a name for a girl whose smile will light up any room.

Kiana: Derived from the Persian word for ‘elements of earth’, Kiana is a grounded and strong name for a baby girl connected to nature and stability.

Kimia: Derived from the Persian word for ‘alchemy’, Kimia is associated with transformation and magic.


Ladan: Referring to ‘a young girl’, Ladan is a lovely name with a gentle and sweet sound.

Laleh: Meaning ‘tulip’, Laleh is an exquisite name that reflects the beauty and delicacy of the water lily. This name has become popular not only in Iranian circles but also among various Asian names for its simplicity and lovely imagery.

Leila: This is a beloved name in both Persian and Arabic cultures, meaning ‘night’. Leila is often associated with romance and beauty, reminiscent of an enchanting night under the starlit sky, making it a beautiful Persian girl name with deep and lovely connotations.

Leili: Meaning ‘night’, Leili is a mystical and serene name for a girl born under the moonlit sky.

Leyla: Another variant of Leila, Leyla means ‘night’, and it’s a name with a mystical and serene allure.


Mahsa: Meaning ‘like the moon’, Mahsa is a popular name for girls born during the evening or night.

Mahlagha: Meaning ‘face of the moon’, Mahlagha is a name that reflects beauty, radiance, and serenity.

Mandana: This ancient name belongs to the mother of the famous Persian king, Cyrus the Great, making it a regal choice for any baby girl.

Marjan: Referring to ‘coral’, Marjan is a beautiful name that is both strong and delicate.

Mastaneh: Meaning ‘intoxicated’, Mastaneh reflects someone who intoxicates others with her charm and grace.

Mehr: Meaning ‘sun’ or ‘love’, Mehr is a warm and radiant name reflecting positivity and affection.

Mina: With a meaning tied to ‘enamel’, Mina is also associated with love and affection, making it a delightful name for a beloved daughter.


Narges: Named after the Narcissus flower, Narges is a name that embodies beauty and self-confidence.

Nasrin: Meaning ‘wild rose’, Nasrin is a floral name that is associated with love and beauty.

Noor: Meaning ‘light’, Noor is a popular and common name with Arabic and Persian origins. This name has a variant spelling, “Nur”, and it is a unisex name, making it a flexible and popular name for Muslim baby girls.

Niloofar: Another variant of Niloufar, this name is also associated with the water lily, symbolizing purity and beauty.

Niloufar: With a meaning tied to ‘water lily’, Niloufar is a name that evokes images of serene ponds and exquisite beauty, perfectly suited for a precious little girl.


Omeed: Meaning ‘hope’, Omeed is a positive and uplifting name, instilling a sense of optimism and expectation of good things to come.

Orkideh: This name means ‘orchid’, drawing inspiration from the elegant and captivating orchid flower.


Pari: This name means ‘fairy’, capturing the magical, whimsical essence of mythical beings, making it a delightful name for your enchanting daughter.

Parisa: Meaning ‘like a fairy’, Parisa is a popular Persian baby girl name. The name has been a popular choice in recent years, often chosen for its connection to Persian heritage and its meaning which symbolizes a beautiful lady with an angelic face.

Parnian: Meaning ‘foundation’ or ‘structure’, Parnian is a strong and solid name for a girl who will be the pillar of strength and support for others.

Parvaneh: Meaning ‘butterfly’, Parvaneh is a whimsical and delightful name perfect for a baby girl.

Parvin: Meaning ‘cluster of stars’ or ‘the Pleiades’, Parvin is a celestial name that shines brightly and beautifully in the night sky.


Qadira: Derived from Arabic origins, Qadira means ‘powerful’ or ‘capable’, suitable for a strong and independent girl.

Qamar: Of Arabic origin, Qamar means ‘moon’, symbolizing beauty, serenity, and luminosity.

Qiana: Meaning ‘singers’, Qiana has a melodic and harmonious quality, perfect for a girl with a song in her heart.


Razieh: Signifying ‘content’ or ‘satisfied’, Razieh is a name for a girl who will find and spread contentment and joy in life.

Roshanak: Meaning ‘bright’ or ‘illuminated’, Roshanak is a luminous name for a girl who will light up your life with brightness.

Roxana: Derived from the Persian word “Roshanak”, which means ‘bright’ or ‘dawn’, Roxana was the name of a celebrated Iranian princess. It’s a name with a beautiful history, offering a regal and elegant choice for your little girl. Roxana carries a royal allure as it was the name of Alexander the Great’s Persian wife.

Roya: This magical name means ‘dream’ or ‘vision’, making it ideal for a girl with a vivid imagination.


Sanaz: Meaning ‘full of grace’, Sanaz is a name that is associated with elegance and beauty.

Sepideh: Meaning ‘morning twilight’, Sepideh is a name that brings hope and a new beginning, just like dawn.

Setareh: Meaning ‘star’, Setareh is another celestial name that reflects brightness and allure, suitable for a girl destined to shine.

Shiva: With a meaning related to ‘charming’ or ‘graceful’, Shiva is a name for a daughter who will move through life with grace and charm.

Shabnam: Referring to ‘morning dew’, Shabnam is a delicate and refreshing name.

Shireen: Another variant spelling of Shirin, this name means ‘sweet’ and ‘pleasant’, ideal for a baby girl who brings joy and sweetness into your life.

Shirin: Meaning ‘sweet’ or ‘pleasant’, Shirin is a popular name for a girl who is delightful in every way.

Sima: Meaning ‘face’, Sima is a short and sweet name that is very popular among Persian families.

Simin: Simin means ‘silvery’ or ‘made of silver’, which reflects something precious and beautiful. It is a popular baby name that mirrors the value and love parents have for their little girl.

Soraya: A name of Persian origin that means ‘the Pleiades’ or ‘jewel’. Soraya also has connections to the planet Venus, offering a name that is as mesmerizing and bright as the celestial body itself.

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Tahmineh: With a meaning related to ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’, Tahmineh is a name suited for a girl destined for strength and resilience.

Tala: Meaning ‘gold’ or ‘golden’, Tala is a precious name for a girl who is invaluable and cherished.

Tara: In Persian, Tara means ‘a shining star’. This name also holds significance in other cultures including those with Hindi origins. Tara is a short form, simple yet unique name that shines brightly among names for young girls. This strong and simple name means ‘star’, making it a bright choice for any baby girl.


Uranoush: This means ‘heaven’s delight’, making it an ideal name for a baby girl who brings immense joy and is considered a gift from above.


Vafa: Signifying ‘faithfulness’, Vafa is a name for a girl who will embody loyalty and trustworthiness.

Vida: Vida means ‘visible’ or ‘prominent’, making it an excellent choice for parents who envision their daughter making a significant impact in the world.


Names starting with “W” are quite rare in the Persian language, but there are names popular in Persian-speaking communities that might originate from other cultures or have been adapted over time.

Warda: Although of Arabic origin, the name Warda (meaning ‘rose’) is used in various Persian-speaking communities. It’s a beautiful and classic name that represents love, grace, and beauty, much like the rose itself. Choosing this name, you’d be gifting your daughter with a moniker that is as delicate and admired as the flower it represents.


Persian names starting with ‘X’ are exceptionally rare and might not have traditional roots. However, it’s worth noting that names from other cultures might be adopted or modified by Persian speakers.

When choosing a name starting with these letters, especially if it’s for cultural or familial reasons, it’s crucial to consider its meaning and pronunciation in both Persian and any other relevant languages to ensure it conveys the desired sentiment and significance.

Xara: A variant of Zara, Xara means ‘princess’, making it a perfect name for a girl who is meant to be treated with royalty and adoration.

Xoana: With Greek origins but popular among Persian speakers, Xoana means ‘God’s gift’, suitable for a precious child viewed as a divine blessing.


Yalda: Meaning ‘birthday’, specifically the birthday of the sun or the longest night of the year (winter solstice), Yalda is a unique and culturally rich name for a girl born around this special event.

Yasmin: With Persian and Arabic origins, Yasmin is the name of the aromatic Jasmine flower. It’s a beautiful name commonly found in many Muslim communities, and it reflects purity and beauty, much like the white color of the jasmine blooms.

Yasna: Meaning ‘worthy of veneration’, Yasna is a divine and respectable name for a girl who will be admired and revered by all.


Zahra: Meaning ‘flower’, Zahra is a popular name in many Muslim communities and is associated with beauty and grace.

Zarin: Meaning ‘golden’, Zarin is a precious and beautiful Persian girl name reminiscent of a spotted gemstone. It has a variant spelling, “Zareen”, and it’s cherished for its unique and affluent resonance.

Ziba: Meaning ‘beautiful’, Ziba is a simple yet elegant name that reflects the timeless beauty and grace of the Persian culture.

Zinat: Meaning ‘ornament’, Zinat is a decorative and artistic name for a girl who will bring beauty and elegance wherever she goes.

Zohreh: This name is related to the planet Venus, reflecting brightness, beauty, and a celestial charm perfect for a baby girl.

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Please be aware that while some names are used in Persian-speaking communities, their origins might be from different cultures and languages. Names can often cross cultural and linguistic boundaries, especially in diverse and multicultural societies. Always choose a name that resonates personally and holds significant meaning to you and your family. Happy naming!

Stepping into the journey of parenthood comes with countless decisions, and choosing a name for your baby girl is indeed one of the most delightful yet challenging ones.

Persian names, with their melodic tones and poignant meanings, offer a canvas of options that are timeless and beautiful, making them ideal for your little angel. 

These names embody the elegance of Persian culture, and the beauty found in each syllable echoes the prettiness of the prettiest Persian girl, be it a Dilshad with a heart full of joy or a name of English origin adapting freely to the Persian phonetics and ambiance like a free city embracing all its residents warmly.

We’ve curated a list that navigates through the alphabet from A to Z, Q to V, and J to P, providing a diverse range of top baby names. It’s a compilation where each name, whether it’s a popular baby name or a unique Persian female name, tells a story, offering more than just an identity but also a vision of the potential and promise held within your little one. 

Each name herein not only meets the criteria of being harmonious with Muslim sentiments but is also an embodiment of grace, tradition, and the timeless beauty intrinsic to Persian heritage. 

Persian baby girl names offer a treasure trove of beautiful, unique, and meaningful options for your impending joy. Whether you are drawn to names that have been popular choices over centuries or you’re inclined towards modern names with Persian roots, there’s something incredibly enchanting for everyone.

We hope this list assists you in finding the perfect name that would be a melodic whisper over the cradle of your darling baby girl, echoing the beautiful meanings and the rich heritage it carries. Happy naming!

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