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500 Popular Muslim Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby is an exciting and significant process, and for Muslim parents, the name you choose often carries a deeper meaning and spiritual significance.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of popular Muslim boy baby names with meanings, look no further. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 500 popular Muslim boy names, sorted alphabetically and accompanied by their Arabic script and genuine meanings.

When it comes to naming a baby boy, Muslim parents often look to Islamic and Arabic names that carry significant meanings and reflect their faith. From the popular and respectable names like Ahmad and Muhammad, to more unique names like Zain and Idris, the options are endless.

Arabic names are some of the most popular muslim baby names, whether you’re looking for boys names or girls names, but Persian names also have a lot of options. Additionally, the divine grace and significance of the Holy Quran, as well as the wisdom of religious scholars and narrators of hadith, can provide inspiration for naming a child. Whether you choose a name from Abdullah to Zakariyya, each name carries its own beauty and significance in Islamic tradition, and can be a meaningful way to connect a child to the meaningful people of our Islamic history, whether that is Prophets, Sahaba and so on…

Over 500 Islamic Baby Boy Names

  1. Aarif (عارف): knowledgeable
  2. Aban (آبان): old Arabic name
  3. Abbas (عباس): lion
  4. Abdallah (عبدالله): servant of Allah / slave of Allah
  5. Abdul-Aleem (عبدالعليم): servant of the All-Knowing
  6. Abdul-Aziz (عبدالعزيز): servant of the Mighty
  7. Abdul-Bari (عبدالباري): servant of the Creator
  8. Abdul-Fattah (عبدالفتاح): servant of the Opener
  9. Abdul-Ghaffar (عبدالغفار): servant of the Forgiver,
  10. Abdul-Hadi (عبدالهادي): servant of the Guide,
  11. Abdul-Hafiz (عبدالحفيظ): servant of the Protector,
  12. Abdul-Hakeem (عبدالحكيم): servant of the Wise,
  13. Abdul-Haleem (عبدالحليم): servant of the Mild,
  14. Abdul-Hamid (عبدالحميد): servant of the Praiseworthy,
  15. Abdul-Jabbar (عبدالجبار): servant of the Compeller,
  16. Abdul-Kareem (عبدالكريم): servant of the Generous,
  17. Abdul-Lateef (عبداللطيف): servant of the Kind,
  18. Abdul-Majid (عبدالمجيد): servant of the Glorious,
  19. Abdul-Malik (عبدالملك): servant of the King,
  20. Abdul-Muhaimin (عبدالمهيمن): servant of the Protector,
  21. Abdul-Mujeeb (عبدالمجيب): servant of the Responder,
  22. Abdul-Musawwir (عبدالمصور): servant of the Fashioner,
  23. Abdul-Qadir (عبدالقادر): servant of the Capable,
  24. Abdul-Qahhar (عبدالقهار): servant of the Subduer,
  25. Abdul-Qayyum (عبدالقيوم): servant of the Self-Existing,
  26. Abdul-Qudus (عبدالقدوس): servant of the Holy,
  27. Abdul-Rafi (عبدالرافع): servant of the Exalter,
  28. Abdul-Rahim (عبدالرحيم): servant of the Merciful,
  29. Abdul-Rahman (عبدالرحمن): servant of the Most Gracious,
  30. Abdul-Rashid (عبدالرشيد): servant of the Guide to the Right Path
  31. Abdul-Saboor (عبدالصبور): servant of the Patient
  32. Abdul-Salam (عبدالسلام): servant of the Peace
  33. Abdul-Samad (عبدالصمد): servant of the Eternal
  34. Abdul-Waahid (عبدالواحد): servant of the One
  35. Abdul-Wadood (عبدالودود): servant of the Loving
  36. Abdul-Wahhab (عبدالوهاب): servant of the Bestower
  37. Abdul-Wali (عبدالولي): servant of the Protector
  38. Abdullahi (عبداللهي): servant of Allah
  39. Abeed (عبيد): worshipper
  40. Abraar (أبرار): righteous
  41. Adel (عادل): just
  42. Adeel (عديل): just
  43. Adeem (عديم): vast
  44. Adib (أديب): cultured
  45. Adil (عادل): just
  46. Adnan (عدنان): old Arabic name
  47. Afif (عفيف): chaste, modest
  48. Ahmad (أحمد): praiseworthy
  49. Ahsan (أحسن): the best
  50. Akeem (عكيم): wise, intelligent
  51. Akram (أكرم): generous
  52. Ala (على): superior
  53. Alam (عالم): universe, world
  54. Ali (علي): noble, exalted
  55. Aman (أمان): safety, protection
  56. Ameen (أمين): trustworthy, faithful
  57. Ameer (أمير): commander
  58. Amin (أمين): trustworthy, faithful
  59. Amir (أمير): commander
  60. Amjad (أمجاد): magnificent, glorious
  61. Ammar (عمار): long-lived, builder
  62. Amr (عمر): long-lived
  63. Anas (أنس): love, affection
  64. Anwar (أنور): luminous, radiant
  65. Arif (عارف): knowledgeable
  66. Arman (أرمان): desire, wish
  67. Arqam (أرقم): writer
  68. Asad (أسد): lion
  69. Asif (أصف): gatherer, harvester
  70. Asim (عاصم): protector, guardian
  71. Ata (عطا): gift, generosity
  72. Atif (عاطف): sympathetic, compassionate
  73. Awais (أويس): old Arabic name
  74. Ayman (أيمن): lucky, blessed
  75. Azam (عظم): great
  76. Azhar (أظهر): bright, shining
  77. Babar (بابر): lion
  78. Badi (بديع): unique, marvelous
  79. Badr (بدر): full moon
  80. Baha (بهاء): beauty, glory
  81. Bahadur (بهادر): brave, courageous
  82. Bakr (بكر): firstborn
  83. Baligh (بالغ): mature, eloquent
  84. Baraa (براءة): innocence
  85. Basim (باسم): smiling
  86. Bassam (بسام): smiling
  87. Bilal (بلال): old Arabic name
  88. Daaim (دائم): perpetual, constant
  89. Daanish (دانش): knowledge, wisdom
  90. Dabeer (دبير): successor
  91. Daher (داهر): always, constantly
  92. Daim (دائم): perpetual, constant
  93. Daleel (دليل): guide, proof
  94. Damir (ضمير): conscience
  95. Daneen (دنين): name of a mountain
  96. Danial (دانيال): biblical prophet
  97. Daoud (داود): biblical prophet
  98. Dara (دارا): wealthy, prosperous
  99. Darim (دارم): gentle
  100. Dawood (داوود): biblical prophet
  101. Dayyan (ديان): judge
  102. Deen (دين): religion
  103. E – Ebrahim (إبراهيم): biblical prophet
  104. Ehsan (إحسان): the best
  105. Eijaz (إعجاز): miracle
  106. Ejaz (إجاز): miracle
  107. Eliyas (إلياس): biblical prophet
  108. Emad (عماد): support, pillar
  109. Emran (عمران): old Arabic name
  110. Enayat (إنعام): gift, blessing
  111. Eshan (إشان): good thing
  112. F – Fadi (فادي): savior
  113. Fadil (فاضل): virtuous, excellent
  114. Fahad (فهد): panther
  115. Faisal (فيصل): decisive, resolute
  116. Faiz (فائز): successful, victorious
  117. Faizan (فيضان): abundance
  118. Fakhr (فخر): pride, glory
  119. Fakhri (فخري): proud, glorious
  120. Fareed (فريد): unique, precious
  121. Farhan (فرحان): happy, joyful
  122. Fariq (فارق): different
  123. Faris (فارس): knight, horseman
  124. Farooq (فاروق): differentiator
  125. Farrukh (فاروق): happy, auspicious
  126. Fateh (فاتح): conqueror
  127. Fawad (فواد): heart, soul
  128. Fawaz (فواز): successful, victorious
  129. Fawzi (فوزي): successful, victorious
  130. Fayaz (فياض): generous
  131. Fazal (فضل): favor, grace
  132. Faz allah (فضال الله): grace of Allah
  133. G – Ghaalib (غالب): victor, conqueror
  134. Ghani (غني): rich, wealthy
  135. Ghayoor (غيور): jealous, possessive
  136. Ghulam (غلام): slave, servant
  137. H – Hadi (هادي): guide
  138. Hafeez (حفيظ): protector, guardian
  139. Haider (حيدر): lion
  140. Hakeem (حكيم): wise, intelligent
  141. Hakim (حكيم): wise, intelligent
  142. Haleem (حليم): mild, patient
  143. Hamad (حمد): praise
  144. Hamdan (حمدان): praise
  145. Hamid (حامد): praiseworthy
  146. Hamza (حمزة): lion
  147. Hanif (حنيف): monotheistic
  148. Haniya (هانية): happy, content
  149. Haris (حارس): protector, guardian
  150. Haroon (هارون): biblical prophet
  151. Harun (هارون): biblical prophet
  152. Hasan (حسن): beautiful, handsome
  153. Hashim (هاشم): breaker, crusher
  154. Hasib (حسيب): noble, respected
  155. Hassan (حسان): beautiful, handsome
  156. Haytham (هيثم): young hawk
  157. Hazem (حازم): strict, decisive
  158. Hesham (هشام): generous
  159. Hibatullah (هبة الله): gift of Allah
  160. Hicham (هشام): generous
  161. Hilal (هلال): crescent moon
  162. Hisham (هشام): generous
  163. Hosni (حسني): beautiful, handsome
  164. Hud (هود): biblical prophet
  165. Huda (هدى): guidance
  166. Hujjatullah (حجة الله): proof of Allah
  167. Humaid (حميد): praiseworthy
  168. Husam (حصام): sword
  169. Husayn (حسين): handsome
  170. Hussain (حسين): handsome
  171. I – Ibad (عباد): worshipper
  172. Ibrahim (إبراهيم): biblical prophet
  173. Ibtisam (ابتسام): smile
  174. Idrees (إدريس): biblical prophet
  175. Iftikhar (افتخار): pride, honor
  176. Ihsan (إحسان): the best
  177. Ihtisham (احتشام): modesty
  178. Ijaz (إعجاز): miracle
  179. Ikhlas (إخلاص): sincerity
  180. Ilyas (إلياس): biblical prophet
  181. Imad (عماد): support, pillar
  182. Imran (عمران): old Arabic name
  183. Imtiaz (امتياز): distinction
  184. Inam (إنعام): gift, blessing
  185. Inayat (إنعام): gift, blessing
  186. Intikhab (انتخاب): selection, choice
  187. Iqbal (اقبال): prosperity
  188. Irfan (عرفان): knowledge, understanding
  189. Isa (عيسى): a prophet
  190. Isam (عصام): protector
  191. Ishaq (إسحاق): a prophet
  192. Ishtiyaq (إشتياق): longing, desire
  193. Ismaeel (إسماعيل): a prophet
  194. Ismael (إسماعيل): a prophet
  195. Ismail (إسماعيل): a prophet
  196. J – Jabbar (جبار): mighty, powerful
  197. Jaber (جابر): mighty, powerful
  198. Jafar (جعفر): stream, river
  199. Jahangir (جهانگير): conqueror of the world
  200. Jahanzeb (جهانزيب): beauty of the world
  201. Jalal (جلال): greatness
  202. Jaleel (جليل): great, revered
  203. Jamal (جمال): beauty
  204. Jameel (جميل): beautiful, handsome
  205. Jamil (جميل): beautiful, handsome
  206. Janan (جنان): garden, paradise
  207. Jarrar (جرار): courageous
  208. Jasir (جاسر): brave, bold
  209. Jawad (جواد): generous, giving
  210. Jawhar (جوهر): jewel, gem
  211. Jazib (جازب): attractive, charming
  212. Jibran (جبران): river, stream
  213. Jihad (جهاد): struggle
  214. Jumah (جمعة): Friday
  215. Junaid (جنيد): young soldier
  216. K – Kabir (كبير): great, large
  217. Kadeem (قديم): old, ancient
  218. Kamal (كمال): perfection
  219. Kamil (كامل): perfect, complete
  220. Karam (كرم): generosity
  221. Kareem (كريم): generous, noble
  222. Karim (كريم): generous, noble
  223. Kashif (كاشف): discoverer, revealer
  224. Kazim (كاظم): restraining, controlling
  225. Khalid (خالد): immortal, eternal
  226. Khalil (خليل): friend, companion
  227. Khawar (خاور): sunrise
  228. Khayyam (خيام): tent maker
  229. Khurram (خرم): happy, cheerful
  230. Kifayatullah (كفاية الله): sufficiency of Allah
  231. Kunwar (كنور): prince
  232. Laaib (لعيب): playfully
  233. Layth (ليث): lion
  234. Luqman (لقمان): biblical sage
  235. Maaz (معاذ): refuge, shelter
  236. Mahdi (مهدي): guided one
  237. Mahir (ماهر): skilled, proficient
  238. Majd (مجد): glory, praise
  239. Majid (ماجد): glorious, praiseworthy
  240. Makki (مكي): from Makkah
  241. Malik (ملك): king, owner
  242. Manaf (مناف): generous, kind
  243. Mansoor (منصور): victorious, aided
  244. Mansur (منصور): victorious, aided
  245. Masood (مسعود): lucky, prosperous
  246. Masoud (مسعود): lucky, prosperous
  247. Masroor (مسرور): happy, joyful
  248. Masud (مسعود): lucky, prosperous
  249. Matin (متين): strong, powerful
  250. Maqbool (مقبول): accepted, beloved
  251. Maqsood (مقصود): intended, aimed
  252. Marwan (مروان): old Arabic name
  253. Mashkoor (مشكور): grateful, thankful
  254. Masrur (مسرور): happy, joyful
  255. Mazhar (مظهر): appearance, manifestation
  256. Mazin (مازن): cloud that carries rain
  257. Mehboob (محبوب): beloved, dear
  258. Mehdi (مهدي): guided one
  259. Mikhail (ميخائيل): archangel Michael
  260. Mikaeel (ميكائيل): archangel Michael
  261. Misbah (مصباح): lamp, light
  262. Miskeen (مسكين): poor, needy
  263. Moaaz (مؤاز): refuge, shelter
  264. Moazzam (معظم): respected, esteemed
  265. Mohamed (محمد): prophet Muhammad
  266. Mohammad (محمد): prophet Muhammad
  267. Mohammed (محمد): prophet Muhammad
  268. Moiz (معز): honored, respected
  269. Momin (مؤمن): believer, faithful
  270. Monsif (منصف): just, fair
  271. Mosaab (مصعب): name of a companion of the Prophet
  272. Mounir (منير): shining, radiant
  273. Mubarak (مبارك): blessed, fortunate
  274. Mubashir (مبشر): giver of good news
  275. Mudassir (مدسر): covered, wrapped
  276. Mudathir (مدثر): covered, wrapped
  277. Mufaddal (مفضل): preferred, chosen
  278. Mufti (مفتي): religious scholar
  279. Muhaimin (محيمن): protector, overseer
  280. Muhammad (محمد): prophet Muhammad
  281. Muhsin (محسن): benefactor, doer of good
  282. Mujahid (مجاهد): struggler, fighter
  283. Mukarram (مكرم): honorable, respected
  284. Mumin (مؤمن): believer, faithful
  285. Munawar (منور): radiant, illuminated
  286. Muneer (منير): shining, radiant
  287. Munir (منير): shining, radiant
  288. Muntasir (منتصر): victorious, aided
  289. Murad (مراد): desire, purpose
  290. Murshid (مرشد): guide, mentor
  291. Musab (مصعب): name of a companion of the Prophet
  292. Musa (موسى): biblical prophet Moses
  293. Musaab (مصعب): name of a companion of the Prophet
  294. Mustafa (مصطفى): chosen, preferred
  295. Mutaz (معتز): proud, honored
  296. Mutee (مطيع): obedient, submissive
  297. Muwaffaq (موفق): successful, fortunate
  298. Nabeel (نبيل): noble, generous
  299. Nadeem (نديم): friend, companion
  300. Nadir (نذير): rare, precious
  301. Naeem (نعيم): blessing, pleasure
  302. Nafees (نفيس): precious, valuable
  303. Nahyan (نهيان): prevention, restraint
  304. Naif (نايف): gentle, kind
  305. Najeeb (نجيب): noble, distinguished
  306. Najib (نجيب): noble, distinguished
  307. Najm (نجم): star, planet
  308. Nashit (ناشط): active, energetic
  309. Nasir (ناصر): helper, supporter
  310. Nasr (نصر): victory, triumph
  311. Nasrullah (نصر الله): victory of Allah
  312. Nawaf (نواف): high, lofty
  313. Nawaz (نواز): one who caresses
  314. Nazar (نظر): sight, vision
  315. Nazim (ناظم): organizer, arranger
  316. Nihad (نهاد): guidance
  317. Nihal (نهال): drink, water source
  318. Noman (نعمان): blessing, grace
  319. Nooh (نوح): biblical prophet Noah
  320. Noor (نور): light, illumination
  321. Noorullah (نور الله): light of Allah
  322. Nuh (نوح): biblical prophet Noah
  323. Omar (عمر): long-lived, flourishing
  324. Omeir (عمير): living a long life
  325. Omer (عمر): long-lived, flourishing
  326. Osama (أسامة): lion, powerful
  327. Osman (عثمان): companion of the Prophet
  328. Othman (عثمان): companion of the Prophet
  329. Owais (أويس): little wolf
  330. Pervaiz (پرویز): fortunate, victorious
  331. Qaiser (قيصر): emperor, ruler
  332. Qamar (قمر): full moon
  333. Qasim (قاسم): distributor, allotter
  334. Qays (قيس): firm, determined
  335. Qazi (قاضي): judge, justice
  336. Qudratullah (قدرة الله): power of Allah
  337. Quran (قرآن): holy book of Islam
  338. Qusay (قصي): distant, far
  339. Rabia (رابعة): spring, 4th
  340. Rafi (رافع): exalted, elevated
  341. Rahat (راحت): rest, comfort
  342. Rahim (رحيم): compassionate, merciful
  343. Raihan (ريحان): sweet basil, fragrant plant
  344. Raiz (رائز): chief, leader
  345. Raja (رجا): hope, wish
  346. Rajab (رجب): 7th month of Islamic calendar
  347. Rakan (ركان): pillar, support
  348. Rameez (رمز): symbol, sign
  349. Ramin (رامين): shoot of grass
  350. Ramiz (رامز): symbol, sign
  351. Rashad (رشاد): guidance, right path
  352. Rashid (رشيد): well-guided, wise
  353. Rauf (رؤوف): kind, compassionate
  354. Raza (رضا): contentment, pleasure
  355. Razak (رزاق): provider, sustainer
  356. Rehan (ريحان): sweet basil, fragrant plant
  357. Reza (رضا): contentment, pleasure
  358. Ridwan (رضوان): satisfaction, pleasure
  359. Rifat (رفعت): high status, elevation
  360. Rizwan (رزوان): pleasure, acceptance
  361. Roohullah (روح الله): spirit of Allah
  362. Ruhan (روحان): spiritual, mystical
  363. Saad (سعد): fortunate, happy
  364. Saadat (سعادة): happiness, prosperity
  365. Saalih (صالح): righteous, good
  366. Sabah (صباح): morning, dawn
  367. Sabeeh (صبيح): beautiful, handsome
  368. Sabir (صابر): patient, persevering
  369. Sabri (صبري): patient, persevering
  370. Sad (صد): good fortune, lucky
  371. Sadat (سادات): noble, distinguished
  372. Sadiq (صادق): truthful, sincere
  373. Sadman (صدمان): happiness, satisfaction
  374. Saeed (سعيد): happy, fortunate
  375. Safdar (صفدر): brave, bold
  376. Safi (صافي): pure, clear
  377. Safwan (صفوان): smooth, soft
  378. Sahar (سحر): moon, dawn
  379. Sahil (ساحل): shore, coast
  380. Sajid (ساجد): worshiper of Allah
  381. Sakhi (ساخي): generous, liberal
  382. Salah (صلاح): righteousness, goodness
  383. Salahuddin (صلاح الدين): righteousness of religion
  384. Saleem (سليم): safe, sound, secure
  385. Salem (سالم): safe, sound, secure
  386. Salim (سليم): safe, sound, secure
  387. Salman (سلمان): safe, secure
  388. Sameer (سمير): companion, entertainer
  389. Samir (سمير): companion, entertainer
  390. Samson (شمشون): biblical hero
  391. Samy (سامي): elevated, exalted
  392. Sanaullah (سناء الله): glory of Allah
  393. Sanjay (سنجاي): victory, triumph
  394. Saqib (ثاقب): penetrating, sharp
  395. Sardar (سردار): leader, commander
  396. Sarmad (سرمد): eternity, perpetuity
  397. Saud (سعود): happiness, good fortune
  398. Saul (شاؤول): biblical king
  399. Sayed (سيد): leader, master
  400. Sayedullah (سيد الله): master of Allah
  401. Sefatullah (صفة الله): attribute of Allah
  402. Sefi (صفي): pure, clear
  403. Shaaban (شعبان): 8th month of Islamic calendar
  404. Shabab (شباب): youth, young man
  405. Shafiq (شفيق): compassionate, kind
  406. Shaheen (شاهين): falcon, bird of prey
  407. Shahid (شهيد): witness, martyr
  408. Shaikh (شيخ): elder, respected person
  409. Shakil (شكيل ) beautiful, handsome
  410. Shams (شمس): sun, sunlight
  411. Shamshad (شمشاد): evergreen
  412. Sharif (شريف): noble, honorable
  413. Shaukat (شوكت): grandeur, prestige
  414. Shoaib (شعيب): biblical prophet Jethro
  415. Siddiq (صديق): truthful, sincere
  416. Sikander (سكندر): Persian king Alexander
  417. Simab (سماب): silver
  418. Siraj (سراج): lamp, light
  419. Sohail (سهيل): star, planet
  420. Suhail (سهيل): star, planet
  421. Sultan (سلطان): ruler, king
  422. Sumair (صمير): brownish
  423. Sunan (سنان): way, path
  424. Suyuf (سيوف): swords
  425. Syed (سيد): leader, master
  426. Taha (طه): name of a chapter in the Quran
  427. Taimur (تيمور): iron, strong
  428. Talal (طلال): nice, charming
  429. Talat (طلعت): appearance, view
  430. Taleb (طالب): seeker, student
  431. Talha (طلحة): tree with good fruit
  432. Tamam (تمام): perfection, completeness
  433. Tameem (تميم): complete, perfect
  434. Tamir (تامر): rich, abundant
  435. Tariq (طارق): morning star
  436. Tasneem (تسنيم): fountain in paradise
  437. Tawfiq (توفيق): success, prosperity
  438. Tayeb (طيب): good, kind
  439. Thabit (ثابت): firm, steady
  440. Thaher (ظاهر): manifest, visible
  441. Tharwat (ثروة): wealth, fortune
  442. Thawab (ثواب): reward, recompense
  443. Thayer (ثائر): rebel, revolutionary
  444. Thiab (ثياب): clothing, apparel
  445. Thuraya (ثريا): constellation of stars
  446. Tofiq (توفيق): success, prosperity
  447. Turki (تركي): from Turkey
  448. Ubaid (عبيد): worshiper, servant
  449. Ubaidullah (عبيد الله): servant of Allah
  450. Ubayd (عبيد): worshiper, servant
  451. Ubaydullah (عبيد الله): servant of Allah
  452. Umar (عمر): long-lived, flourishing
  453. Usama (أسامة): lion, powerful
  454. Usman (عثمان): companion of the Prophet
  455. Uthman (عثمان): companion of the Prophet
  456. Uzair (عزير): biblical prophet Ezra
  457. Wadee (وادي): valley, riverbed
  458. Wael (وائل): seeking refuge
  459. Wahab (وهاب): generous, giving
  460. Wahid (واحد): unique, singular
  461. Wajahat (وجاهة): eminence, respect
  462. Waleed (وليد): newborn child
  463. Walid (وليد): newborn child
  464. Wamik (وامق): loving, affectionate
  465. Wasif (واصف): describer, storyteller
  466. Wasiq (وثيق): strong, secure
  467. Wassim (وسيم): handsome, good-looking
  468. Wazir (وزير): minister, assistant
  469. Yaamin (يامين): blessed, fortunate
  470. Yahya (يحيى): biblical prophet John
  471. Yakub (يعقوب): prophet Jacob
  472. Yaman (يمان): right, proper
  473. Yameen (يمين): blessed, fortunate
  474. Yaqoob (يعقوب): prophet Jacob
  475. Yaqub (يعقوب): prophet Jacob
  476. Yaser (ياسر): wealthy, prosperous
  477. Yasin (ياسين): name of a chapter in the Quran
  478. Yasir (ياسر): wealthy, prosperous
  479. Yassir (يسير): easy, simple
  480. Yazeed (يزيد): increasing, growing
  481. Yazid (يزيد): increasing, growing
  482. Yonus (يونس): prophet Jonah
  483. Younus (يونس): biblical prophet Jonah
  484. Yousaf (يوسف): biblical prophet Joseph
  485. Youssef (يوسف): biblical prophet Joseph
  486. Yusuf (يوسف): biblical prophet Joseph
  487. Zaahir (ظاهر): manifest, visible
  488. Zachariah (زكريا): biblical prophet Zechariah
  489. Zafar (ظفر): victory, triumph
  490. Zaid (زيد): abundance, growth
  491. Zaidan (زيدان): growth, abundance
  492. Zaim (زعيم): leader, chief
  493. Zaki (زكي): pure, virtuous
  494. Zakir (ذاكر): rememberer, reciter
  495. Zamir (زمير): companion, entertainer
  496. Zarar (زارع): helper, assistant
  497. Zayed (زايد): abundance, growth
  498. Ziad (زياد): growth, increase
  499. Zikriya (زكريا): prophet Zechariah
  500. Ziya (زيا): light, splendor
  501. Zohaib (زهيب): shining, radiant
  502. Zubair (زبير): strong, powerful
  503. Zuhair (زهير): flower, blooming
  504. Zulfikar (ذو الفقار): sword of Ali, son-in-law of the Prophet
  505. Zulqarnain (ذو القرنين): one with two horns, mentioned in Quran

Here we have over 500 Muslim boy names in alphabetical order with their meanings and Arabic script. We hope you found this list of muslim baby boy names useful. Please share it with friends and family!

it’s important to choose a meaningful and significant name for your baby boy. The names in this list have positive meanings and strong connections to Islamic traditions, such as names of Allah, companions of the Prophet Muhammad, and biblical prophets. Some of the popular choices among Muslim parents are Ameer, Hasan, Omar, Rayan, and Yusuf. Others may prefer traditional names like Abdallah or modern names like Zaidan.

I hope this comprehensive list of Muslim boy names helps new parents find the right name for their little angel that reflects excellent character, brave character, or the brilliance of the sun.

Ultimately, the name you choose for your child should have a positive meaning and resonate with your family’s values and beliefs. If you have some more ideas that are not in our list please leave them in the comments.

If you’re having a daughter check out our list of Arabic girl name ideas inspired by the Qur’an

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