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Palestine Resources for kids

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Education is a powerful tool. It helps us understand the world and each other better. Today, we share a collection of resources aimed at helping parents and children learn more about Palestine and its ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.

We believe in standing up for what is right, and that’s why we support the Palestinian cause. We advocate for an end to the occupation and injustices carried out by the Israeli state.

We want peace. We want to stop the human rights violations and war crimes. These resources are a step towards creating awareness and understanding among our communities. By educating our kids, we are helping build a future that values peace, justice, and humanity.

These materials are free for download and have been shared to benefit everyone who wishes to learn and educate others about Palestine. Explore, learn, and help spread awareness for a just and peaceful world.

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List of Resources about Palestine for Kids

  • A Diary in Palestine
  • Ahlan Kids Palestine Lesson Plan
  • Zoom into Masjid al-Aqsa and Isra Wal Miraj
  • Palestinian Art Appreciation
  • Baba What Does My Name Mean? A Journey to Palestine – Paren’t Guide
  • Color the Palestinian Flag
  • Dear Diary – Palestine Writing Task
  • Heavenly Fruit Story of Maryam
  • Palestine Close to Our Hearts Activity Pack
  • The Importance of jerusalem through the prophets ISSA AND SULAiMAN
  • Learn about the Keffiyah
  • Talk about Palestine Jigsaw Activity
  • Native Palestinian Art
  • Learn about Palestine Penpal activity and reflection book
  • Saluhuddin Activity Book
  • Olive Trees of Palestine
  • The Ummah is One Body
  • Where is the Palestinian Flag?

Download the Palestine Resources PDF

Each of these resources has been available on a google drive for free download.

Click here to go to the Google Drive

These resources have been put together and shared in order for parents to be able to educate their children and families and spread important information and awareness.

Note: We have not put together the Google Doc so can not control which resources are added or removed, but are sharing for the benefit of the Ummah.

Palestine dome of the rock

Please go ahead and share these resources as a means of education and spreading awareness.

Let’s use education to stand up against injustice, and to promote peace and understanding in our world.

A Simplified History of Palestine

Palestine, a land of rich history and diverse cultures, has witnessed numerous pivotal moments over the years. These moments have brought both joy and sorrow to its inhabitants.

In 1947-1948, a significant event known as the Nakba, or “Catastrophe,” unfolded. This led to the creation of Israel and resulted in around 750,000 Palestinians being forced to leave their homes, as they were forced to seek refuge in different places.

Fast-forward to 1967, the Naksa resulted in more land losses and death of the Palestinian people, with Israel occupying areas like the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Palestine land loss map

Since then, and continuing now, the lives of Palestinians have been marked by various challenges, including restrictions and settlements being built on their lands.

Living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank brings daily challenges for the Palestinian people due to strict controls imposed by Israel. One fundamental issue is water accessibility; Israel significantly controls the water supply, leading to scarcity and difficulties in accessing clean water for many Palestinians. Mobility is another major concern; stringent restrictions and numerous checkpoints hinder free movement, making everyday tasks like going to school, work, or visiting family arduous and time-consuming.

The Gaza Strip, in particular, faces a relentless blockade, affecting the availability of essential goods and making economic conditions very tough. The inability to have an airport further compounds the sense of isolation, limiting external connections and opportunities. The presence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the continuous construction of barriers also profoundly impact the lives of Palestinians, often resulting in the loss of their land and resources. These conditions create a challenging reality, characterized by uncertainty and the constant struggle to maintain a semblance of normalcy and dignity in daily life.

Palestine flag

These stories of Palestine are very important. They help us remember the hard times people have gone through for the past 75 years and continue to suffer right now. There is never a better time to remind us to stand up for what is right.

Education makes us strong and allows us to help others. By learning about Palestine, its history, and the struggles of its people, we can share these stories, spread kindness, and work towards a peaceful world where everyone’s rights are respected.

Remember, every person can make a difference. You’re never too young to learn, share, and be a friend to someone who needs support.

So, let’s use these resources, understand the stories of Palestine, and be heroes of peace and justice in our own special way. Together, we can help make the world a better place.

Free Palestine resources for kids, understand and educate about the situation in Palestine

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