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DIY Reading Nooks for Your Muslim Home

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As the days grow shorter and the evenings stretch out before us, there’s no better way to enrich our time than by losing ourselves in a good book.

In Islam, reading and the quest for knowledge are immensely valued, with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) emphasizing that

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.”

What better way to heed this call than by creating a dedicated space within our homes that invites tranquility and learning?

Crafting the perfect reading nook is not only a great way to encourage reading for the whole family but also serves as a wonderful means to embody the serenity and reflective qualities our faith encourages.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful Islamic design inspired DIY reading nooks for the home….

Islamic design arabic inspired DIY reading nooks for the home, for indoor, outdoor reading nooks and child friendly reading nooks

Imagine a cozy reading nook, nestled in a quiet corner of your home, adorned with your favorite books and illuminated by soft fairy lights—this could be your family’s next favorite retreat.

Not only does a book nook provide a perfect spot for your children to delve into stories of prophets and companions, but it also offers a special space for adults to explore the depths of Islamic history and spirituality with a great book in hand.

Setting up a DIY reading nook doesn’t require a lot of space or a lavish budget.

A simple reading nook can make use of unused space and can be as minimal as floor cushions in the corner of a room or as elaborate as a window seat with built-in bookcases.

The best part? This DIY project allows for complete customization to fit your family’s needs and the square footage of your home.

Creating a Cozy Space for Your Indoor Reading Nook

When it comes to constructing the perfect reading nook, the key is to make it inviting. Floor pillows and bean bags provide comfy seating and make for a cozy place that beckons family members of all ages.

Throw in some colorful pillows for a pop of color and a small table to hold a steaming cup of tea, and you’ve got yourself the perfect reading space.

Floor cushions are a versatile option, providing both comfort and style, and can be piled up when not in use to save space. They are perfect for creating a cozy space that respects the aesthetics of a Muslim family home, offering a hint of traditional seating that complements our cultural heritage.

In a child’s bedroom, a kids’ reading nook can be a great idea, with lower level shelves filled with children’s books and a bean bag or cocoon chair for your little ones to snuggle into.

A closet reading nook can turn a tiny closet into an adorable reading nook for your small child, giving them their own little hideaway for story time.

islamic design inspired reading nook at the window

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islamic design inspired reading nook at the window
islamic design inspired reading pod
islamic design inspired reading pod

The Light of Knowledge – Reading Nook Lighting

Incorporating natural lighting is one of the most important things to consider. It creates the perfect ambiance for a peaceful reading time and is a gentle reminder of the Divine light that guides us through knowledge.

For evenings, wall sconces or string lights can add a beautiful focal point and provide just the right amount of light for a cozy reading experience.

outdoor peaceful reading nook

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beautiful diy reading nook, reading corner for kids
islamic design inspired reading nook at the window
islamic design inspired reading nook for kids

Utilizing Every Inch for a Compact Reading Nook

For those who are working with a smaller space, it’s important to utilize every inch wisely. Storage space is essential to keep your area tidy and organized. A side table with different sizes of compartments or built-in bookcases can serve as both book storage and a place for necessary supplies like bookmarks and glasses.

islamic design inspired reading nook chair
arabic design inspired simple purple and turquoise reading nook at the window
simple reading nook
turquoise reading nook with cushions
arabic design inspired reading nook with curtains and cushions

Outdoor Reading Nooks

outdoor reading nook for the garden

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simple floor seating outdoor reading nook
relaxing outdoor reading nook boho style
relaxing outdoor reading nook
outdoor reading nook area

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reading nook for the garden with arabic lanterns

Child Friendly Reading Nooks

children's reading nook for the playroom
colorful reading nook for the playroom, islamic design inspired
colorful reading nook for the playroom
Arabian pink princess reading nook for girls

Establishing a cozy reading nook in your home is not just a fun way to use extra space, but it’s also a meaningful step toward embracing the love for knowledge that is so central to our faith. While the images we provide are for inspiration and the items within them are not for sale, they are the starting point for you to spark your creativity.

Use these visual cues to gather ideas and embark on the journey to create your own reading nook that suits your family’s size, style, and needs.

Remember, the aim is to design a special space that brings comfort, joy, and learning to your doorstep—making it the favorite place for your family to gather and grow together in knowledge.

Islamic design arabic inspired DIY reading nooks for the home, for indoor, outdoor reading nooks and child friendly reading nooks

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