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10 Best Ramadan Books for Kids And Muslim Families

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The beginning of Ramadan marks a sacred and special time for Muslims worldwide. As the crescent moon makes its first appearance, Muslim families come together to observe fasting, prayers, and acts of charity.

Introducing your children to the key topics of Ramadan through captivating books is an excellent way to strengthen their faith and understanding of this important time.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of ten inspiring Ramadan books for kids, filled with delightful stories, engaging activities, and valuable lessons.

These books cater to different age ranges and offer a blend of traditional and modern elements to create an engaging learning experience.

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A new book is a simple and thoughtful Ramadan gift for your child, and something that you can share together. Considering picking a great book out of the list to buy for your child to mark the beginning of this special month, or hit the library together and see if you can find some of these stories.

We hope you enjoy our list of Ramadan books for kids!

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“Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story” by Reem Faruqi and Lea Lyon

Age group: 5-8 years

This enchanting picture book follows Lailah, who navigates her new environment while observing her first Ramadan in a new country, after moving from Abu Dhabi The story teaches children about the importance of fasting, empathy, and understanding.

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“Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors” by Hena Khan

Age group: 3-7 years

This visually stunning book introduces young readers to colors through all of the beautiful things we see in Islamic culture. Although this particular book is not exclusively about Ramadan, it serves as a valuable educational tool for teaching children about Islamic art and culture during the holy month.

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“It’s Ramadan, Curious George” by H. A. Rey and Hena Khan

Age group: 3-7 years

In this charming story, everyone’s favorite mischievous monkey, Curious George, learns about Ramadan from his friend Kareem. This muslim holiday story book introduces young readers to the customs and traditions of the holy month, including fasting, prayer, and giving to those in need. This book has quickly become a Ramadan classic, and is also extremely accessible for non-muslim children wishing to learn more about the muslim faith.

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“Ramadan Moon” by Na’ima B. Robert

Age group: 3-7 years

This beautifully illustrated and incredible book captures the magic and wonder of Ramadan through the eyes of a child. With poetic text and vivid illustrations, “Ramadan Moon” is an advanced picture book that introduces children to the traditions and practices of this sacred month.

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“Learning Roots Ramadan Activity Book” by Team Learning Roots

Age group: 4-8 years

Filled with tonnes of activities to keep Muslim kids engaged throughout the holy month, this fun activity book helps children develop creativity and understanding of Ramadan’s key topics. This book offers bucket loads of faith-filled fun.

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“Under the Ramadan Moon” by Sylvia Whitman

Age group: 4-8 years

This lyrical and captivating book follows a family as they observe the traditions of Ramadan, from fasting and praying to sharing meals and giving to those in need. The simple text and stunning illustrations make this a perfect read-aloud for young children.

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“Ramadan Around the World” by Ndaa Hassan

Age group: 4-10 years

This beautifully illustrated book takes readers on a journey across the globe, showcasing how children from different countries and cultures celebrate and observe Ramadan. The book highlights the diversity of the Muslim community and encourages young readers to appreciate and learn from different cultural perspectives.

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“Aisha’s Ramadan Adventure” by A. Marikar

Age group: 4-10 years

In this delightful story, a young girl named Aisha shares the joy of Ramadan with her friends to help them understand what the celebration of Ramadan is all about.

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“First Festivals: Ramadan” by Ladybird Books

Age group: 2-5 years

This engaging board book introduces young children to the concept of Ramadan and the basic practices followed during this holy month. This lift the flap story helps children learn about fasting, prayer, and family traditions, with amazing illustrations and simple text.

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“My First Ramadan” by Way of Life Publishing

Age group: 0-1 years

In this high contrast picture book, you will find visually stimulating black and white images that are perfect for the very youngest members of the Ummah. You will find 36 Pages with black and white Islamic illustrations, Quran, kaaba, fasting, salat, and many more, to mark the occasion of Ramadan with your newborn baby.

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This list of children’s books will give you plenty of stories to share and fun activities to enjoy, from the first day of ramadan right up to the end of ramadan as we welcome Eid al-Fitr.

The ten exceptional Ramadan books for kids presented in this list provide a rich assortment of captivating stories, enjoyable activities, and insightful lessons to educate children about the importance, principles, and customs of the holy month.

If you would like even more Ramadan books for kids suggestions, check out our longer list over at our parenting site In The Playroom

Sharing these books with young readers can contribute to building a solid foundation in their faith and fostering an appreciation for Islamic traditions. We invite you to pass this post along to friends, family members, and educators who might find these resources valuable.

By promoting these books, you can play a role in establishing a more empathetic and inclusive community where children can nurture and develop their faith. If you don’t see any of these books represented in your local library or school library, recommend to the school librarian to see if they can order some in, for more representation and inclusion.

And for yourself, don’t forget to make time to read the English translation of Qur’an during this special month.

Enjoy reading, and Ramadan Mubarak!

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