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11 Easy And Fun Ramadan Crafts and Activities For Kids

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Ramadan is a holy month that holds great significance for Muslims around the world. It is a time for spiritual reflection, special prayers, and a chance to strengthen our connection with Allah.

Ramadan is also a time for celebration and joy, particularly for young children. Here are some fun and easy Ramadan crafts and activities that will help you get into the spirit of Ramadan with your kids.

Make a Ramadan Calendar

One great way to start is by creating a Ramadan calendar with your kids. Print out an Islamic calendar, or adapt a regular 2023 calendar, and mark the beginning of Ramadan. Each day, your child can add a star shape to the calendar and keep track of the days until Eid al-Fitr.

You can also use a printable Ramadan journal, and have the kids note down their thoughts and feelings each day

Make Ramadan Lanterns.

Another fun activity is to make paper lanterns for Ramadan using kitchen rolls and construction paper. Cut out different shapes from the cardboard rolls, decorate them with colourful paper and glue them together. Add tea lights to create a festive setting for your Ramadan celebrations.

Check out this list of lots of different ways to make lantern crafts with the kids.

Make Crescent Moon Decorations

Using a paper plate, cut out a crescent moon shape and decorate it with small pieces of tissue paper for younger children, or with old pieces of cut up CDs for a mosaic effect for older kids. Here’s an example with the CD mosaic.

Or make this beautiful craft that celebrates all phases of the moon

Decorate Your Own Prayer Mat

For younger children, craft activities like making a prayer mat can be a good way to introduce them to the spirit of Ramadan. You can download free printable templates on the link below to use with your children to make this activity super quick and easy to set up.

Printable Ramadan Activities

You can’t go wrong with a selection of Ramadan coloring pages and activity sheets like crosswords, wordsearches and so on. These are great not only for muslim families to use at home but also for classroom use. Take a look through some of the free Ramadan worksheets and resources below which are all totally free to use.

Prepare Food Together

Get the kids involved in cooking and preparing for iftar, to benefit from some of the beautiful rewards of feeding a fasting person and also to share the load. In many families the job of preparing all the suhoor and iftar meals can fall on one person, the mother, and this is not correct. Let’s train our children up to know that everyone can help out and take part in these tasks together.

Here are a few delicious recipes to try out

Share Stories Together

Another simple and effective activity for kids during Ramadan and all year round is sharing a picture book about Ramadan and Islam. There are so many lovely Islamic books nowadays suitable for kids of all ages.

Have a look through the suggestions on the links below, and don’t forget to see what’s available in your local library!

Kids are never too young to be introduced to the beauty of the Holy Qur’an too. Play some beautiful recitations around the home for them to absorb, and check out the different English translations of Quran that you can study and discuss together with the family.

Decorate The Home For Ramadan

To make your home more festive, try creating paper chains or sun catchers using different colours and washi tape. You can also make short minutes count by creating a good deeds calendar with little windows to open each day.

Phases of the moon and the lunar calendar are also a special part of Ramadan, so making a moon sighting chart or a star-shaped decoration can be a fun way to celebrate, as you decorate for Ramadan

Older children might enjoy creating more complex projects like a Ramadan box or a special place mat for iftar times. You can use cardboard boxes, glue guns and different shapes to create unique and personalized items.

Make a Good Deeds Jar

This simple activity encourages our little ones to race for good deeds. Take a mason jar, which you can decorate to make it beautiful, and inside place 30 slips with different good deeds the kids can take part in.

Each day the children can pull one piece of paper, and that will be their good deed task for the day!

You can download a list of ideas for your good deed jar here.

Praying Taraweeh Together

It’s a beautiful experience for little ones to attend taraweeh in the masjid (mosque) not necessarily every single night of Ramadan, but to go along with parents where possible at least once during Ramadan for young children and more often for older ones is a great way for our children to understand the real meaning of Ramadan.

You can also gather the family and perform taraweeh jamat at home.

If you need a refresher on how salat al taraweeh is performed check this guide.

Eid Activities

Finally, remember that the end of Ramadan is a symbol of celebration and joy, so don’t forget to plan some Eid celebrations with your kids. Activities like making Eid cards, making eid bunting, creating a special shoe box for gifts, and making festive decorations with free printables can all be a fun way to end the holy month.

Have some creative fun with these eid mubarak coloring pages too.

No matter what craft ideas you choose, involve your kids of all ages in these fun Ramadan activities. These projects are a great way to teach children about the importance of our beliefs and the precious part of our lives that Ramadan represents.

Ramadan is a special time for all of us Muslims all around the world, and these fun and easy Ramadan crafts and activities for kids can help your family get into the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

Whether you’re creating festive decorations, making special gifts, or exploring the different character traits that Ramadan encourages us to cultivate, there are so many good Ramadan crafts to choose from. So why not gather your little ones, grab some glue and glitter, and get creative?

The joy, excitement, and sense of accomplishment that come from these activities are sure to create lasting memories that your family will cherish for years to come. Ramadan Mubarak!

If you have some other ideas for Ramadan crafts and activities that your family loves to do, go ahead and share with us in the comments section or on our ummah forum.

Also, we encourage you to share this blog post to spread these beneficial activities. Jazakumallah khayr!

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