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    Question Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    As Salaamu Aleikum

    First of all, I would like to ask if Ramadan has already began? I mean, has moon been sighted for real all around world? Or is it tomorrow on Monday? I were not able to find information about sightings of a moon.... So will I began my Ramadan on monday?

    My problem is smoking, I feel I can not be without sigarettes for a day, even a morning. I have smoked about 7-8 years pack a day (so about 4 years before I found Islam), and am REALLY addicted to it.

    Does it count as a disease, especially as it (being without nicotine with all its symphonies it causes) could do serious damage for my school efforts (can not consentrate, etc.)

    I have heard that diseases are valid reason to break rules of Ramadan in that particular subject connected to disease.

    And I have also hear that during Ramadan fasting nothing should go to stomach, but ain´t smoke going to lungs?

    And then about that other smoking habit, less addictive but more intoxicating your mind, that I have had almost as far as I have smoked cigarettes, and I smoke that too every day....

    So you propably quessed, maryjane....

    Reason I smoke maryjane every day is that I am recovering alcoholist, I still strugle to stay away from alcohol every day. Another, bigger reason (and reason for alcoholism) is one most wonderful woman in the world and a sad results of faaling into one-sided love, that has nearly killed me, and is still haunting, damaging, deppressing and putting me down..... But that would be story of its own, 10 years in beginning of next March. O how I still recall that week on that congregation-camp with Hale-Bob comet with its two tailes in the sky.....

    So I suffer severe addictions, mental problems (called love), AND MEDICINE FOR THAT (and alcoholism even deepening my deppression) HAS BEEN SMOKING. Wouldn´t that be counted as a disease? Especially as it interferes more important things for sake of Islam if stopped...

    So should I smoke during days of Ramadan, if it is beficial for Islam in other ways (and I mean REALLY beneficial)? After all, it is not going to stomach, but to lungs....

    Wa Aleikum Salaam

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    P*ki is outta containment Arsalan's Avatar
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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Salam brav,

    Smoking Pot, or Tabacco will break your fast and nullify it.

    You need to stop smoking pot, bro.

    Thats a whole diff topic though.
    "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)

    Forgive me my brothers and sisters

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    Odan dhak1yya's Avatar
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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    marijuana will make mental health problems worse. seriously. it can even trigger schizophrenia in susceptable people.

    if you are having proplems with depression see your doctor and get some proper medication for it, and also counselling.

    as far as I know taking any medication breaks the fast unless it is impossible to take the medication only during the night. there are quite a number of fatwas on this issue though maybe someone can post them

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    marijuana will make you so fragile mentally

    it will mellow down your resistance to distress

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Take this advice seriously. You need to first enter detox rehab before you can perform during ramadan. Once your off mj, then you need to seriously work on your cigs. For the girl, have your doc refer you to someone for talk tharapy.

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    Lightbulb Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Brothers and Sisters first of all there is no scientific proof that cannabis (marijuana) is physically or mentally bad for you, other than the fact that you are breathing in smoke, marijuana has many medical purposes as do many other herbs and plants, don't be fooled by this subject, if you research the history of marijuana you will find that the only reason it is demonized and labeled as a drug is all political (don't be a fool), i will not get into this matter because it is too long. secondly, i do not believe that the consumption of marijuana is haraam, Muslims along with other other cultures all over the world have been smoking and growing cannabis for thousands of years. it does not cloud your mind like alcohol and it can relive the most painful headaches and other medical problems. there are studies that have proven tobacco is much more harmful to the body than marijuana. But I will agree that if consumed during fasting , that it will break your fast and that goes for anything you smoke or consume.

    Thank you brothers and sisters and please read more about something before you take it to heart.

    Read for yourself

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    I am a smoker i have been smoking for 10 years. I want to be the first to say smoking is Haram.

    Quran 2:195 Sahih International translation
    And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.

    There are 3 prats to this verse.

    "Spend in the way of allah" how can you do this if like me you are quandering you money on ciggerets.

    "do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining]" That is self explanitory ciggeretts will eventually kill you or shorten you live and cause nothing but destruction of your internal organs. We must refrain.

    "And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good" God has asked us to refrain from such acts and stated that refraining is a good act and that he loves the doers of good. May allah accept any our abstanace from this evil as ibadah and strengthen our will that we quit this forever Insha-allah.

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Thanx for sharing

    Drug Rehab

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Thanx for sharing
    Drug Rehab

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    There is visibly a bunch to realize about this. I consider you made various good points in features also. kfggdbdbfeba

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    But I feel the Quran is not direct for a reason, everyone interprets it to their own understanding so what is right and wrong at the end of the day ?... Honestly speaking, Almost everything in this world is harmful, depending on how you use it.. For example,Simply Eating chocolates is harmful because at the long run it gives you diabetes however, when you eat chocolate in moderation or you control how you use it because every individual is different. So we shouldn't eat chocolates? Is it haram?... I feel it's all about perspective Tbh, because one is critically thinking but I might be wrong and so can everyone else because only Allah knows and only he can be certain of what he meant. The only thing I'm certain about is that he is my one and only God and I have faith also, God sees my intention, and intention is the most important thing. Ramadan Kareem X

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    Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Someking pot is not a problem. don't listen to them. although I know that smoking during the sacrd month has been forbidden by some scholars. I smoke pot everyday and I have no mental problems... I study when I'm high.. I passed exams.. got sright As no problems but be carefull it depends on the person.. so take it easy or don't smoke it at all

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    Icon14 Re: Smoking during fasting on Ramadan?

    Wow dude, you've been through a lot, i admire your courage for still being with us !!
    Kind'o'va the same here !! thanks for sharing man, keep brave !!


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